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Ivoclar Vivadent

(Made in Italy.)
Virtual XD Cartridges
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An advanced line of VPS impression materials featuring Extra Definition wash materials. Controlled flow characteristic allows material to flow deep into the sulcus, displacing oral fluids and capturing the fine details of margins and prepared surfaces. High tear strength maintains the integrity of margins during removal. Dimensionally stable for up to two weeks. Pleasing mint scent.

Regular set Working time Set time in mouth
Extra-light body 1:25 3:30
Light body 1:25 3:30
Heavy body 2:05 4:30


Fast set Working time Set time in mouth
Extra light body 1:15 2:30
Light body 1:15 2:30
Heavy body 1:15 2:30
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Extra light body
Light body
Heavy body
Mixing tips / Intraoral tips
Intraoral tips small (yellow) 100/pkg
mfg#: 562847
mfg#: 562847
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Unit Price: 39.95
Intraoral tips large (clear) 100/pkg
mfg#: 562846
mfg#: 562846
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Unit Price: 39.95
Tray adhesive
Virtual tray adhesive 10ml
mfg#: 562841AN
mfg#: 562841AN
In stock
Unit Price: 16.95