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NoCord VPS
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NoCord VPS
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Achieve predictable results without the patient discomfort and time consuming effort in placing cord or clay. 

One-step, self-retracting impressioning system designed specifically for the wash and tray technique.  NoCord wash incorporates a 15% ammonium aluminum sulfate hemostatic agent to control bleeding and fluid flows.  The stiffer MegaBody tray material helps drive the wash into the sulcus to displace gingiva and completely capture prep margins. The wash and tray materials have been formulated to work as a system and should be used together to obtain the best, final impression results.

  Working time Intraoral time Mouth removal time
Wash 1'' 00" 3'' 45" 4'' 45"
MegaBody tray 1'' 00" 3'' 45" 4'' 45"
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NoCord VPS, 50ml cartridges