3M Imprint 3 Garant


(Made in Germany.)
Imprint 3 Garant
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Hydrophilic VPS impression material helps you get void-free impressions. 

  • Best-in-class elastic recovery resists distortion for a more accurate impression.
  • Resists tearing better than most leading brands to help impressions hold true during removal.
  Working time Intra-oral setting time
Light, regular, and ultra regular 2:00 4:00
Monophase 1:00 4:00
Heavy body 2:00 4:00
Item #
Imprint 3 Garant, 50ml cartridges
Intro kit
Mixing tips / Intraoral tips
Garant intraoral tips small (yellow), 50/pkg
mfg#: 71462
mfg#: 71462
In stock
Unit Price: 33.25
Garant intraoral tips large (white), 50/pkg
mfg#: 71461N
mfg#: 71461N
In stock
Unit Price: 33.25
Tray adhesive
3M VPS tray adhesive, 17ml bottle
mfg#: 7307
mfg#: 7307
In stock
Unit Price: 24.75
Cartridge dispenser

Clinical Evaluations

Imprint 3 earned 4.3 stars out of a possible 5.0.
Perhaps the best light body viscosity for those who prefer a syringe material with plenty of flow, but now with Ultra, you now have the option of a syringe material with less flow. Tear strength tests show that it''s very tough (although most evaluators thought its clinical tear strength was about on par with other materials). The accuracy was lauded by most of the evaluators. The automix putty received high marks, with the majority of evaluators either using putty more often or starting to use it again after dropping it due to the need to hand-mix it. Most evaluators thought the taste and smell were neutral.

Several evaluators did not find it to be as hydrophilic as they expected. There is no “rigid”-type tray material. The mouth removal time with Quick Step lags behind those of other fast set materials. One evaluator felt the light body smelled like diesel fuel while another thought it had a "rubbery" smell.

Bottom line:
Three different syringe materials should make virtually everyone happy, but its Quick Step is still not quite fast enough for 1-2 units.
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