Genie® Magic Mix

Sultan Healthcare

(Assembled in USA.)
Genie Magic Mix

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ATTENTION: Genie Magic Mix cartridges have a new design that only works with the new specially designed compatible mixing tips. This product will not work with any other brand of mixing tips, only Sultan Healthcare.


New cartridge delivery system improves mix quality, reduces material waste and helps prevent cross contamination.

Designed for use in all automatic mixing machines for consistent, void-free impressions at the touch of a button.


For additional information about new mixing tips click here.


Working time 1'35" for rapid set and 2'15" for standard set.

Setting time 2' 10" for rapid set and 4' 30" for standard set.
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Regular body (blue), 380ml cartridges
Heavy body (purple), 380ml cartridges
NEW Mixing tips
277-1157 New!
New 380ml Dynamic mixing tips (clear blue), 50/pkg
mfg#: 72102
mfg#: 72102
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Unit Price: 49.50
OLD Mixing tips
Dynamic mixing tips (clear blue), 50/pkg
mfg#: 78840
mfg#: 78840
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Unit Price: 84.25