Flexitime® Easy Putty


(Made in Germany.)
Flexitime Easy Putty
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Flexitime Easy Putty
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Flexitime’s accuracy and flexible working time in a handmix putty.
Putty: 0'30" - 2'30" flexible working time; 2'30" set time
Item #
Flexitime® Easy Putty
Tray adhesive
Universal silicone adhesive (VPS), 10ml
mfg#: 65607758
mfg#: 65607758
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Clinical Evaluations

Flexitime earned 4.0 stars out of a possible 5.0.
Full lineup of viscosities, regular and fast set (Xtreme), cartridges or Dynamix. New Light Flow completely fills the Shark Fin. Excellent accuracy and hydrophilicity, with all evaluators reporting well-fitting restorations, while an RRL test showed slightly smaller marginal gaps compared to Aquasil Ultra.

Tear strength in RRL tests was in the middle of the pack. Xtreme is not available in a mixing machine version or in Light Flow.

Bottom line:
Great hydrophilicity, flow, and accuracy, but tear strength could be better.
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