Luxatemp® Automix Plus

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(Made in Germany.)
Luxatemp Automix Plus
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Luxatemp Automix Plus
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Cartridge dispensed temporary Bis-Acryl C&B material. Superior margin adaptation due to 0.45% linear shrinkage. Produces no odor or sting. Uses DS 50 or DS 74 guns marked 4:1/10:1.
Working time 0' 45"
Intraoral setting time 1' 15" - 2' 15"
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mfg#: 110411
mfg#: 110411
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Luxatemp Automix Plus earned 4.4 stars out of a possible 5.0.
All shades match Vita analogs. Highest hardness at 24 hours. LuxaFlow has good color matching and non-runny viscosity.

Does not fluoresce.

Bottom line:
First provisional material in an automix cartridge and it has great shades, but it doesn''t fluoresce.
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