Meet Customer Service

Kathy joined Safco in July of 2017 bringing with her 30 years of dental experience. Before Safco, she worked as an assistant at Access Community Health Center. She has two children named Sarah and Quinton. Quinton serves in the United States Navy. When at Safco, Kathy loves giving customers great customer service and sharing chocolate with co-workers! When she's not at Safco, she is either relaxing at home enjoying a good movie or spending time with her grandson Andreas.
Favorite dessert:
Favorite movie:
The Notebook
Favorite restaurant:
Stone Eagle
Favorite prophy paste flavor:
Dreamsicle Orange
Favorite product Safco sells:
Nitrilex Touch gloves
Place she would most like to visit:
If she could have any superpower:
She would fly so she wouldn't have to spend money on gas!