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Management of Extraction Site for Implant Placement

About This Course

Tooth extraction is a common procedure in the field of dentistry. Although atraumatic extraction is always preferred, it is not always accomplished. In this course, we will cover topics such as how normal healing occurs and why atraumatic tooth extraction is desired, as well as how best to achieve this result. We will also discuss various techniques for socket augmentation and preservation, as well as when a particular technique is indicated. After taking this course, participants will be versed in the various grafting options available to practitioners and be able to discern what option may be most suitable for their clinical needs. The authors will also discuss the role of immediate implants in dentistry and how they can effect extraction sites.

Educational Objectives

After completing this course, the reader should be able to:

  1. Understand the socket healing process and complications that may occur after tooth extraction
  2. Learn how socket preservation and augmentation can benefit patients after extractions
  3. Differentiate between the various grafting material options and understand the advantages and disadvantages of each
  4. Learn various techniques for ridge preservation and when to utilize a given technique
  5. Understand the impact of implants on extraction sites and how to optimize results

Educational Objectives

ADA Credits: 2

AGD Credits: 2


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