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Human Trafficking: Exploring the Dental Implications

About This Course

Human trafficking is a $150 billion criminal industry. Though problematic on a global scale, it has become a heightened concern in the United States. In this course, the types of human trafficking are discussed with variations in gender, locales, and specific laws related to trafficking. Documentation suggests that 87% of victims have seen a healthcare provider during captivity. This course informs healthcare professionals on the clear indicators that suggest trafficking and lists specific protocol in not only reporting the trafficking situation but also obtaining assistance for the victim. Dental indicators, behavioral indicators, and clear language specific to these situations are presented.

Educational Objectives

After completing this course, the reader should be able to:

  1. Describe the types of human trafficking that occur both globally and exclusively in the United States
  2. Recognize the indicators of human trafficking
  3. Know the proper way to add a trauma-informed approach to your practice
  4. Incorporate the correct way to approach a victim with a choice of words and actions
  5. Recognize the dental indicators that suggest a trafficking victim
  6. List 10 physical or behavioral key indicators that your patient may be a trafficking victim

Educational Objectives

ADA Credits: 2

AGD Credits: 2


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