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General Aspects of Instrument Reprocessing

About This Course

Ensuring that dental instruments used in patient treatment have been properly prepared is one of the most important duties in the dental office. Instrument sterilization is just one step in the chain of procedures needed to prevent the spread of potentially pathogenic microbes from contaminated instruments to patients.

This article presents a real-world scenario that provides context for important concepts of instrument processing, along with strategies and recommendations to prevent negative outcomes.

You will have access to this article for six months, so you can read and review the material at your own pace, on your own schedule. In addition, the interactive format allows you to take notes and access a glossary and links to related resources while you read, so you can be sure you understand the information before you take the assessment. 

You will earn 2 CDE credits when you achieve a passing score of 75% on the assessment. You will receive your pass or fail result immediately after completing the assessment, and you can take the assessment more than once if needed. 

Educational Objectives

After completing all of the articles, learners will be able to:

  • Describe the general steps for instrument processing
  • Describe the modes of disease transmission involving contaminated dental instruments
  • List resources for training on instrument processing procedures
  • Describe the importance of having standard operating procedures and manufacturer instructions for instrument/equipment processing available to reprocessing personnel


DANB CDE Credits: 2 (Category 1)




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