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Checklist of Essential Written Documents in Dental Settings – How Would You Score?

How Would You Score?

Use this checklist to see if you have these U.S. infection prevention and safety documents/records on hand.

Regulatory and Guidance Documents and App

❑ OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard

❑ OSHA Hazard Communication Standard

❑ OSHA Emergency Standards:


[ ] Design and Construction requirements for exit routes

[ ] Emergency action plans*

[ ] Fire prevention plans*

[ ] Maintenance, safeguards and operational features for exit routes

[ ] Portable fire extinguishers

[ ] Fire detection systems

[ ] Fire extinguishing systems

[ ] Fire alarm systems.

❑ State, local or other regulatory documents that may apply (e.g., sterilization monitoring, waste disposal)

❑ CDC Guidelines for Infection Control in Dental Health-care Settings – 2003

❑ CDC Summary of Infection Prevention Practices in Dental Settings: Basic Expectations for Safe Care

❑ CDC DentalCheck app (cdc.gov/features/dental-check-app/index.html)


Policy Documents

❑ OSHA written Exposure Control Plan

❑ OSHA written Hazard Communication program

❑ CDC written health program for employees

❑ CDC tuberculosis infection control plan

❑ Policies not covered by OSHA (e.g., state regulations on instrument sterilization, sterilization monitoring, waste management and waterline management and testing)

❑ OSHA poster “Job Safety and Health”- publication number 3165 (see osha.gov/Publications/poster.html)



❑ OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard and Hazard Communication training records

❑ OSHA required written schedule for cleaning and disinfecting areas in the facility ❑ OSHA confidential employee medical records

[ ] Includes written opinions from evaluating healthcare provider on employee vaccination status and post-exposure evaluation and follow-up when needed

❑ Hepatitis B vaccination declination (refusal) forms (if needed)

❑ Exposure incident reports

❑ Results from sterilization monitoring (mechanical, chemical and biological)

❑ Records on the routine maintenance of sterilization equipment

❑ Radiographic equipment certification

❑ Manifests from regulated medical waste haulers

❑ Verification of on-site treatment of regulated medical waste (if needed)

❑ Safety data sheets for hazardous chemicals used

❑ Chemical list

❑ Annual sharps safety screening/evaluation forms

❑ Dental unit waterlines testing records

*If 10 or fewer employees, plans may be oral rather than written. This only applies to the emergency action plan and fire prevention plan not to SOPs or ECPs.




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