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OSHA & CDC Guidelines – OSAP Interact Training System

OSHA & CDC Guidelines – OSAP Interact Training System

OSHA & CDC Guidelines – OSAP Interact Training System

About This Course

This workbook helps dental health care personnel (DHCP) understand the health and safety considerations established by government guidelines and regulations. Each chapter in the course is sequenced to include:

  • Explanation and references on a wide array of infection control and related health and safety issues. In each chapter, there are fill-in-the-blank exercises designed to familiarize the participant with locations and procedures specific to the practice and to aid in comprehension (NOTE: each employee participating in the training should have their own workbook); and
  • Discussion: the practice’s Exposure Control Manager and/or employer will discuss and clarify any aspect of the material presented, demonstrate any particular procedures used in the practice and show the location of resources, equipment and materials. 

Educational Objectives

  1. Describe how OSHA’s regulations protect dental health care workers from occupational exposure to bloodborne pathogens and hazardous chemicals.
  2. Describe the roles and responsibilities of dental team members in infection prevention and control
  3. Explain how OSHA regulations and CDC infection prevention and control guidelines are applied in a site-specific dental healthcare setting.
  4. Differentiate regulations, recommendations and standards.


After complete review of the workbook, you are eligible to take an online assessment to earn ten (10) hours of continuing education (CE) credit. The inside cover of each workbook contains instructions on how to access the assessment, utilizing a unique access code. 

You will have two attempts to pass the assessment with a 70%. You will receive your pass or fail result immediately after completing the assessment. After taking the assessment your score and documentation of completion will be emailed to the valid email address you provided at the beginning of the assessment. 


$105 for OSAP Members

$175 for Non-Members