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The H4 self-ligating system delivers consistent results using revolutionary self-ligating bracket technology. The unique manufacturing process ensure that H4 provides the tightest tolerances in the industry which is 3x more accurate than competitors. You have the tools you need to finish with the best, delivering stunning smiles in significantly shorter treatment time.

The components of the H4 system are not interchangeable with any other systems or components and must be used in conjunction with one another.

H4™ 5-Case Starter Kit

This comprehensive starter kit is the ideal and easy way to be introduced to the H4 system and is your best value.

h4 starter kit

H4™ Direct Bond Buccal Tubes

Specifically engineered to accompany the H4 bracket system, made entirely from biocompatible material.

direct bond tubes

H4™ Self-Ligating Brackets

H4 self-ligating brackets are manufactured to tolerances 3x more accurate than others. The .026 slot creates a tighter union between wire and bracket with 4 point contact enhanced structure.

self ligating bracket

H4™ Archwires

The archwires have been narrowed down to sizes and materials that are best suited for the H4 self-ligating system. Available in H4 Pitts broad, H4 Pitts standard and H4 Universal, each system follows a specific sequence dependent on each case.