Aquasil® Ultra+ Deca

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Aquasil Ultra+ Deca
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Aquasil Ultra+ DECA
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Product Details

Aquasil Ultra+ Smart Wetting® Impression Material in 380ml hard cartridges for use in dynamic mixing machines. Ready to use, and loads in seconds.

Aquasil Ultra+ delivers even better performance and meets a broader range of impression case needs and techniques than industry-leading Aquasil Ultra. Its intraoral hydrophilicity and intraoral tear strength provide excellence in even the most challenging of circumstances.

With Aquasil Ultra+, there’s no more need to compromise between tear strength, hydrophilicity, speed, delivery, and taste:

  • Highest intraoral tear strength*: Leading tear strength when it counts the most, in thin cross-sections when being removed from the mouth.
  • Highest intraoral hydrophilicity*: Leading hydrophilicity when it counts most – in the natural conditions of the oral cavity. The material is designed to avoid trapping fluid from the moment it is syringed in a moist, humid environment, helping alleviate voids and bubbles at or near the margin. And it continues to work well with moisture after it leaves your office, delivering accuracy at the lab to deliver properly fitting final restorations.
  • Unique double-arch tray viscosity: A tray material that provides extra dimensional stability for your single-unit dual-arch tray cases.
  • Long intraoral work time with shortened total set time:  Spend time where it counts.
  • Mint flavor.

*Data on file at Dentsply Sirona.

  Working time Mouth removal time
Extended set 2' 15" max 5' 30" max
Regular set 2' 15" max 5' 00" max
Fast set 1' 00" max 2' 30" max
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