SonicFill 2

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SonicFill 2
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New SonicFill 2 builds upon the performance of its predecessor with improved polishability, durability and working time. Only the composite material has changed; the handpiece remains the same.

This sonic-activated, light-cure, bulk fill posterior composite employs a unidose delivery from a sonic handpiece for single-step placement up to 5mm in depth.

The handpiece applies sonic energy to dramatically lower the viscosity of the material during placement, ensuring intimate adaptation with the cavity surface. Once placed, the material thickens to a non-sticky, creamy consistency that is non-slumping and easily sculptable.

Combining low shrinkage stress and a high depth of cure, along with excellent mechanical and esthetic properties, SonicFill 2 allows you to quickly and reliably place restorations up to 5mm in a single increment, with a result that you and patients will love.

Note: A Multiflex coupler is required to operate the handpiece and is not included as a part of the Value kit or the Intro kit.

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Multiflex coupler
Multiflex coupler
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